Rape Culture Part One: Victim Blaming

As touched on in our previous posts, rape culture ( as previously defined, links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape) is a common issue which rears its ugly head most often in the form of ‘Slut Shaming’ and ‘Victim Blaming’.

Now, in the case of rape and sexual harassment, it sounds pretty damn stupid. This person just got raped, how dare you insinuate that they deserved it because of what they wore/what they were drinking/what they doing/ previous sexual history/*insert any other ridiculous claim here*. But sadly, if you do even a little research, you can see cases everywhere of victim blaming from high profile cases, to examples of it in academia research and probably your own friendship circles.


IT WAS A TRICK QUESTION – RAPE IS NEVER OKAY. (but really guys, that shouldn’t seem tricky… it’s just common sense).

Some people like to bring in legal jargon, unrelated questions (like those above) and loopholes that excuse rapists, and make it seem like a ‘grey area’ in society but in reality it’s fairly black and white. The rapist, not the victim is at blame here. As this article points out, the only common factor in all rape cases is a rapist.

You could get people to stop drinking, you can get people to cover up, to not be active sexually, or any other ridiculous rule over their personal freedom, but this doesn’t address the root of the problem. We need to remove ‘rape culture’ and start holding rapists accountable.

– Kitty xx

3 thoughts on “Rape Culture Part One: Victim Blaming

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  2. Those statistics are horrible! Thanks for bringing awareness to how rape is never acceptable, and how it’s important that 100% of those responses should be no. There are no ‘Blurred Lines’! You should check out this (alarming) article by Vagenda titled ’24 Signs She’s A Slut’ it’s so ludicrous that I was worried when I read that it wasn’t written as a sarcastic joke, but by an actual misogynist: http://vagendamag.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/24-more-signs-shes-slut.html



  3. These statistics are truely horrific. Violence against women needs to be discussed at a young age. Similar to sex ed. The only way to over come these social issues we are campiagning for are to identify and confront the existing perceptions and attitudes, and then use educationa nd positive conversation to rebuild people’s understanding.

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