Equal Pay Day

Think that there really is equality in the work place? Think again. We have previously published statistics from the U.S but how do we fare locally?

Last October AMP/NATSEM released a new report that showed a 25-year-old woman with post-graduate qualifications would, over her lifetime, earn $2.49 million. The 25-year-old who had taken the same classes and finished the same degree would accumulate $3.78 million.

However, the 25- year-old woman whom had completed her postgraduate degree would still not earn as much as her male school leaver counterpart – he would earn $2.55 million.

Upset? Annoyed? Perhaps a little angry?
Unfortunately this is not unique to Australia.

See what the Swiss women’s organisation, Zürcher Frauenzentrale did when they teamed up with the Swiss bank and ad agency Publicis Zurich for Equal Pay Day earlier this year.

– Claws xo



2 thoughts on “Equal Pay Day

  1. You should’ve signed out with “-Claws- OUT”! I remember reading about gender pay inequality years ago and often wondered if the gap was still as large as it was back then. It is a real disappointment to read here that there is indeed still a huge difference. I used to like to think that the perhaps men get paid more because they are the ones that pay for girlfriends dinners, movies and drinks… Pity with a little life experience I have come to see that more often than not guys do the ‘Australian Haka” when it comes to spotting bills. (Slapping their chest pockets, their front jean pockets and then their back jean pockets, in a ridiculous attempt to ‘find their wallets’ this performance is repeated until the chicks swiftly pull THEIR purses out and pay in sheer humiliation that the waitstaff are waiting and watching…)

  2. Disappointing to hear but definitely still something that needs our attention as I do agree with the comment above that we don’t realise this is still happening. It’s great there are people and initiatives out there though that are trying to help this cause- we are the ones that now need to help make the change.

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