The phrase ‘Kitty Got Claws’ refers to a common cliche that while someone may seem innocent at first, they are not to be messed with because they will retaliate. Whilst we don’t advocate violence, Kitty Got Claws is a grassroots organization trying to encourage women (and men!) to ‘fight back’ by speaking up against sexism and misogyny when they see it occur in their everyday lives.

This blog is a place to share anecdotes and experiences with sexism (submissions welcome to kittygotclaws@outlook.com, all posts will be kept anonymous) and to generally raise awareness that sexism is still a huge problem in our society today – we need to call out ‘bullsh**’ when we see it.

About the Admins:

We are two 21-year-old university students from Australia – ‘Kitty’ and ‘Claws’. We’ve worked across bars, supermarkets, media organizations and law firms, and dealt with sexism, slut shaming and other discriminatory practices in these environments and everyday life. This is why we decided to set up Kitty Got Claws – to encourage a culture where we can (metaphorically) scratch away sexism.

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