Still think that sexism is redundant?

Check out this Ogilvy and Mather Dubai campaign idea for UN Women. Simple, yet effective. The campaign uses Google’s suggested autocomplete search feature.

Campaign creator Christopher Hunt, justifies the campaign.

“This campaign uses the world’s most popular search engine (Google) to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem. The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web.”


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The ‘R’ Word

This was originally going to be a post on ‘Rape Culture’, but we’ve found across all aspects of our campaign (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.) that people like to pick holes in the smallest of semantics, and make assumptions about things we thought were clear but apparently needed to be clarified. This is their right, and it is great to formulate genuine discussion and clear up misconceptions. However, in an attempt not to be misconstrued, or for the focus to be taken away from the important points we are trying to make about sexism, we decided to do a post on rape specifically. We believe it is fairly black and white, common sense stuff.

We are defining rape as sexual activity that is forced upon someone without consent.

Just to be completely clear;

  • This is not restricted to sexual intercourse, but includes a variety of sexual acts. For example, forced oral or anal sex.
  • This is not restricted to men raping women.
  • Often we think of ‘forced’ as just physical force, but we are including threats, coercion and manipulation as forms of ‘force’.
  • If someone is not in a position to either give or deny their consent, for example someone drugged, unconscious or a child, then you cannot engage in sexual activity. A lack of no does NOT grant permission.

Still unsure? You shouldn’t be, but here is a handy flow chart if you ever find yourself still confused in a situation.

Submission #20: I had a strange man ambush me on my way out of the bathrooms and back me into a corner so he could tell me I “looked hot” and that I should “definitely come home and fuck him”.

the discrimination is project

Why is it that men think they have a right to female bodies? Ever since I turned about 14 I have had to deal, on almost a weekly basis with men who think they have a right to touch me or to come into my personal space and make me feel uncomfortable. It’s exhausting, having to deal with the boys (or even adult men, sometimes old enough to be your father) coming up to you when you’re just out with friends trying to have a few drinks and some fun.

I had a strange man ambush me on my way out of the bathrooms and back me into a corner so he could tell me I “looked hot” and that I should “definitely come home and fuck him”. When I was ordering a drink at the bar once a man came up behind me and grabbed my hips, then my…

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Feminism, Harassment and Rape Culture

Quite recently on our Facebook page, we’ve had some discussions with members of the public debating definitions, the relevance of sexism and feminism and a whole lot of other common misconceptions. As such, we’ve decided to do a post clearing these misconceptions up.

    1. Feminism

The dictionary defines feminism as the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state.

In short, feminism is about equality, so really, everyone in the world should be a feminist.

    2. Harassment

‘Behavior that annoys or upsets someone.’  Now, some people have asked us – how is harassment and/or sexual harassment only a problem for women? Now we aren’t denying that men can get harassed.  Of course not. But, for example, if a man comes up to a woman and says she has a great ass – that can be very scary, humiliating and threatening for a woman (particularly depending on the context) because there is the very real possibility that this situation can turn nasty. When a woman does it to a man, there is rarely a connotation of being in real danger, threatened, or harassed.

    3. Rape Culture

Defined as ‘a concept which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape.’

We aren’t claiming that everyone in society is a rapist. However, certain behaviors and strands of thinking such as victim blaming and slut shaming teach us “how not to be raped,” rather than “how not to rape”. These attitudes trivialize rape, and propagate violence.

All these are ‘hot topics’ regarding sexism, so we will be doing more posts exploring each of these in more depth soon.

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The Gym and Sexism.

We all know going to the gym requires time and effort. The last thing we want to encounter is that moron who thinks that women wear compression tights for a man’s personal enjoyment and in doing so, they are inviting you to ask them out. Sure, if you are genuinely interested in striking up a conversation with someone at the gym, you can read about a non creepy and completely socially acceptable way of doing it here.

This post will focus on the positive. It is good to know that not all gyms tolerate and promote this negative culture. Centennial Health Club promote a healthy culture where the trainers push the women as much as they do men. It isn’t assumed that you will be picking up the lighter weights in the kettle bell class because you carry an extra x chromosome, or that the Pilates classes are only for women.

chc2   Aerial view of the bottom floor.

Centennial Health Club is located in Eastern Sydney and offers a truly boutique work out option. Centennial Health Club offers a number of different membership options and you which you can view here.

Centennial Health Club also have a great deal for students – mention KittyGotClaws for a $16/week student deal which includes unlimited classes.

chc3 Timetable of classes.

If you would like to know more about working out in a positive, friendly environment where you are treated as a human and not a piece of meat, don’t be afraid to contact us or speak to one of the friendly guys and girls at reception.

All images sourced from the Centennial Health Club website.

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Anonymous Submission

The following came from one of our fans. A great example of everyday sexism.

“Them – Blah blah blah electricity company. Is that Miss or Mrs?
Me – Are you married?
Them – What’s that got to do with anything?
Me – Exactly. Miss means I am my father’s property. Mrs means I am my husband’s property. If I say Ms you think “militant lesbian feminist.”
Them – I’ve never thought about that before.
Me – You’ve never had to. You’re male so your entire life you’re just “Mr.” Not “Master” and then “Mr” when you get married/get into long pants instead of short ones. No one ever asks you your entire life if you’re married. It’s completely irrelevant.
Them – So… what shall I put you down as?
Me – Baroness.”

Team Miley or Sinead?

Last week’s Open Letters to Miley debacle took me back to the days of HSC English, specifically the text “Letters to Alice Upon Reading Jane Austen” by Fay Weldon. The epistolary novel is a series of open letters Aunt Fay is writing to her niece with green and black hair. Alice is about to begin a course in english literature and wants to publish a novel.


For those of you who do not frequent social media or (trashy) ‘news’ sites as often as I do, basically the ex ‘Nothing Compares to You’ singer wrote an open letter to Miley warning her of the dangers of the music industry. Miley’s response? act like an immature brat and call her a psychopath (okay, in not so many words but she did make reference to Sinead’s depression and Amanda Bynes in the same twitter post. However, although I do not doubt that Sinead’s letters were coming from a good place, the content of her letters are at times contradictory and sexist, undermining the rest of the content of the letters. The double standard arguments that it’s become difficult to take her stance seriously.

In one of the open letters, Sinead O’Connor writes,

This is a dangerous world. We don’t encourage our daughters to walk around naked in it because it makes them prey for animals and less than animals”

and that Miley,

“ought be protected as a precious young lady”.

What is presented here is a forceful slut-shaming rhetoric, promoting an unhealthy discourse of women as objects “to be protected” and as potential “prey” for presenting themselves in the wrong way.

My question for you is, are you team Miley or Sinead? Or Neither?

The result? Sinéad Vows to Sue ‘Fuckin Stupid’ Miley Cyrus (

– Claws xo